Here at Risen City Church, we believe we can’t do life alone. Our Connect Groups are where we build relationships, find support and receive encouragement within our church community, as we seek to grow in our walk with Jesus. Our Connect Groups meet weekly and bi-weekly all over the city.

Mixed Connect 

Monday | 7:30 PM | Trevor & Jen | Location: Bleams and Homer-Watson Area | Family Friendly

Tuesday | 7:30 PM | Nate & Caroline | Location: 401 and Homer-Watson Area | Family Friendly

Wednesday | 7:30 AM | Katie | Location: Cafe 1842

Thursday | 7:30 PM |  Sam & Will | Location: Smile Tiger

Thursday | 7:30 PM | Allie | Location: Keats Way and Westmount Area

Men's Connect

Friday | 6 AM | Christian | Location: Oscars (Victoria St.)

We can’t wait to do life with you! 


If you have any questions or you’d like to sign up for a Connect Group, you can do that here:

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